Here is the full list of artists for the year of 2011:

Akroyd, Stuart Alcock, Tony Armstrong, Pat Ashpole, Mark Austin, Peter Barrell, Ben Baxter, Gary Benton, Lorraine Bradford, Shirley Brown, John Bursnall, Paul Chalk, Hazel Charles, Jane Chevarin, Frederic Chown, Alan Coleman, Amanda De Koning, Philip Denton, Kate Durdey, Edward Flower, Rosina Foley, Pam Foxley, Alan Green, Mitzie Hateley, Jonathan Hebditch, Nick Henson, Mick Hitchen, Simon Humphrey, Mark Iwamoto, Ikuko Johns, Linda Joseph-Crank, Paul Kennedy, Vicki Loxley, Jonathan Manuhwa, Hilary Mashaya, Tonderai Millichip, Paul Moran, Nick Onians, Dick Ostenberg, Thomas Ostinelli & Priest Peace, Carol Plant, Louise Rhodes, Jane Robinson, Ed Rowan, Sally Sinclair, Helen Storey, David Tonnison, Diana Vanstone, Paul Wilkins, Roni Williams, Ian Williams, Mat Winconek, Olive.

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We will add all the artists and information onto the website to go live on the 15th April 2011. Some information will become visible soon, so please keep an eye and ear out as this project starts to unfold.

Franko Barton

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