Student Art at Home – The Best Student Artists and Where They Live

Whoah there student artists! It’s time to put you under the spotlight. We’re interviewing local student artists in the Sheffield, Manchester and Leeds areas to see what makes them tick, and what inspires them to do great artwork time after time. We’ll also find out about their student lifestyle, and what hobbies they do alongside their art.

Matt from Leeds Met

The best thing about being at Leeds is the social nightlife scene, which is probably the best in the entire UK. This provides so much inspiration for my personal art, which is based around student culture, and helps me unlock the door into the mindset of younger students who are trying to figure out who they are.

I really find painting in the morning to be my best time, often staying up into the early hours and then deciding the paint creates my best work! From 2am until 7am the calming effects of sleep seem to help me create my true masterpieces.

Sally from the University of Sheffield

Sally Anne, who lives at a house owned by Strawberry Student Homes in Sheffield, believes art at university can really help you relax.

It’s really a life saver for me. I love how I can just switch off for an hour and be really creative. It contrasts with my law degree really well, providing me with a proper amount of escapism, and I can even sell my artwork at the local crafts shop!

You can find art like Sally’s in Sheffield around the art shops in the area of the University of Sheffield below:

Holly from Manchester Met

I go to the art school in Manchester, and it’s really been a life changing experience for me during my 3 years here. Before I enrolled on the course, I was very casual about my art, and also very scared of letting other people see it in fear of judgement. But now after the first week introductions that were made I feel confident enough to share my personal art with friends and fellow students, and it’s really helped me to grow as an artist.

I’d recommend anyone thinking about doing art at University to stop worrying about the odds and simply go for it. It really will change your life for the better.

For more student art gossip you can see the online social page here:

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